Melissa Shanker

writer of middle grade and young adult fiction

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Thanks for stopping by. Here's a bit about me...

 I live in Michigan where I while away the hours atop a velvet chair.  NOT!  That's not even my chair, but it is my book. And for me, if I've got a book in hand, it doesn't matter where I am.

 My greatest ambition in life is to write stories for young readers that give them a place to escape, a place to dream, and a place to belong -- just like so many of my favorite authors did (and still do) for me. You can check out what I'm working on here.

In addition to writing and reading, I’m on the board of the Capital City Writers Association and an active member of SCBWI-MI. I have three teenagers who distress and delight me in equal measure, more friends than I deserve, and a dog that is often mistaken for a bear. Life is swell. Hope yours is too.